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Monthly Men’s Gathering: Getting Real In Real Life Online


Wanting to explore who you are in relationship to others? To men in particular? Ready to take a risk or study a part of yourself that blocks you from deeper more satisfying relationships? Feeling like you just want to connect or a space where you can get real?

Let’s do it.

Group facilitator, Brian Thompson LMFT, will utilize a Process Group structure to support and challenge you and the group to go deeper into self awareness, together.

In this group you will go on a 90 minute adventure with a group of men getting real. Bring your feelings, thoughts, desires, fears…

Process Group structure? What in the world is that?

Process groups focus on what is happening in the moment. Feelings and present moment authenticity is elevated to the forefront of the discussion.

How do we do “elevate present moment authenticity”?

By focusing on the feelings in the Here and Now and sharing what is going on for us at any given time we reveal a more alive, emergent, intimate perspective to the group which creates opportunities for connection. Brian will take care of this, so no need to plan. Come as you are.

Are you just curious and would prefer to check it out without participating much?

You are welcome to do that too!

One group level question that will be asked is more of a process than a question (hence the name “Process Group”). This question is “How do we make space for everyone and everything in the circle?”. (Spoiler Alert: we won’t be able to! But we might be able to make space for enough, and this will be plenty.)

If you feel called or just curious, come find out.

This event is a collaboration between IRL Men’s Groups and The Center SF.

Brian Thompson is a light-hearted, somatic therapist who has been involved in Men’s groups as a leader and as a participant for the last decade. Brian has a background in dance, yoga, stand up comedy and basketball. He currently runs 3 weekly Men’s process groups online.

Monthly Men’s Gathering: Getting Real In Real Life Online Don't Miss this Event!

Date & Time June 30, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm PDT

Cost $Free

Venue Online

Event Host

Event Organizer(s) Brian Thompson

Monthly Men’s Gathering: Getting Real In Real Life Online

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