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Nourish Your Mood: Meditation and Eating with the Brain in Mind


One Sunday afternoon/month, Live Online, California

Discover how to nourish your mood, informed by science and guided by your own awareness ​and self-compassion

The latest research shows that mental health is a whole-body issue.

Feeling frazzled?
Anxious before you open your eyes,
searching for coffee to brighten your energy,
fading and shaky by late morning,
spacey and slumping in productivity after lunch,
people irritating you in the evening,
so exhausted but can’t sleep,
waking at 4 AM with regret and the to-do list…

It’s not you. So many people are experiencing similar blocks to achieving goals and connecting with others.

Imagine being deeply nourished…

When you are engaged on a path toward nourishing mood,
you’re more able to connect with your beloveds and create a better world.

Eating with the Brain in Mind involves:
treating oneself with compassion and love
eating in ways that prioritize the incredible functions of the brain and body
taking digestion seriously
individually discovered solutions
pleasure and abundance
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Nourish Your Mood: Meditation and Eating with the Brain in Mind
is a comprehensive program for your mood that:
is evidence-based and open-hearted,
gives you accurate support for your physiology and respects you as your own best teacher,
lets you discover your own answers and gives you mutual support.

When you nourish your mood, you:
1. Craft your own strategies for eating to balance your mood
2. Learn the delicious foods research indicates support mood and brain health for some people
3. Increase confidence in choosing foods that make you happy and well
4. Carefully chart what changes you notice over time to discover what works for your:
– mood
– concentration
– pain
– energy
– sleep
– sex drive
5. Practice being kinder toward yourself, and know how to practice self-compassion when you get stressed out
6. Will know more about the real deal about how health is not determined by weight
7. Open to loving or accepting yourself more fully

An original manual developed by Reba, with mindfulness practices, worksheets, and a curated collection of research on food that research has shown can support mental health for some people
Access to an audio library that guides you through the practices, from 3-45 minutes in length

Topics include:
The gut/brain connection
Inflammation and depression
The human microbiome
Hunger, blood sugar, and mood
Cortisol, stress, and digestion

Each month, you are invited to try mindfulness practices, foods of a color of the (b)rainbow, and other foods research shows can support mental health in some people. You can carefully track how the foods and mindfulness practices support your particular issue — mood, anxiety, memory, attention, energy, pain, or sex drive.

This 9-month in-depth program consists of:

Eight monthly Sunday meetings, Live online, March 21 – November 14, 2021, 2-4:30 pm PST, and a special meditation group meeting February 21. Meetings include breakout rooms so you can share more deeply. Find all the program dates here.

Eight monthly conference calls, First Tuesday of the month, 7-7:45 pm PST, to support you in remembering to practice and to be self-compassionate.

One all day Sunday mindfulness retreat, 9-4 pm PST, September 2021

I’m Reba Connell, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Professional and clinical social worker. I’ve been focused on mindfulness and mental health nutrition and have taught therapists, health care providers, and stressed-out people to balance their mood and investigate the connection between mood and food with curiosity and self-compassion.

I have completed professional training in teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction under the direction of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli and a training in teaching Mindful Eating through UCSD.

I have studied with Dr. Leslie Korn and many of the leaders in Mental Health Nutrition and the Functional Medicine.

I deeply care about food justice and hope you’ll envision and collaborate with me to create a world where nourishing food is available to all.

Nourish Your Mood: Meditation and Eating with the Brain in Mind Don't Miss this Event!

Date & Time March 21, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm PDT

Cost $800 – 950

Venue Online

Event Organizer(s) Reba Connell, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Professional and clinical social worker

Nourish Your Mood: Meditation and Eating with the Brain in Mind