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The Embodied Path – Group coaching for women seeking to actively engage in their personal growth and healing journey


You are frequently disempowered by emotions of anxiety, depression, fear, or self-doubt.
You are an overthinker. In fact, this mental spiral is negatively impacting your ability to live in your full power and express your life’s potential.
You find it difficult to articulate what you feel and this prevents you from experiencing deep relationships with others.

How do I know this? I have been there…

Growing up, I was led to believe that my external accomplishments would create a life of joy and freedom. It was instilled in me that if I got a quality education, landed a lucrative job, and found a life partner my life would unfold seamlessly from there. So, off I went!

Now, imagine my confusion when insomnia and anxiety persisted.

For the longest time, I thought I could think and plan my way into creating the life I desired. Coaches told me that I “create my reality” so when life wasn’t fulfilling I criticized myself. I thought, “if I only worked harder”, “if I could just control my emotions or thoughts better”. But, instead, I was creating a vacuous hole of anxiety and self-loathing that manifested as tension in personal and professional relationships. Ultimately, my stress manifested itself as a chronic illness and at this moment of complete surrender, I was able to see a light in my life’s darkness. One that lets me accept the limitations of the body, and focus my curiosity on what lives within. What lies below the surface, driving my results.


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who found this professional path by means of personal exploration and deep desire to contribute to humanity in a meaningful way. I am a compassionate social justice warrior who seeks to integrate the human and spiritual worlds, one person at a time.

My life’s passion is supporting others in becoming the architects of their ever-evolving life.

As the architect, your first task is developing a clear sense of self. Answering the questions “who am I” and “what brings me joy”?

Through an expanded internal awareness there is capacity to experience authentic connection with others, and most importantly, with yourself. I believe a deep connection can happen only when you peel back the illusions of what you are not and build the capacity to tolerate what is.

I am honored to guide thinkers, seekers, helpers and creatives whose potential is blocked by the seductive spiral of overthinking. My course will feed the mind with cognitive frameworks while we grow trust in the wisdom of the body. This framework is an excellent supplement to individual therapeutic work.

This course will integrate mind/body wisdom into your personal and professional life to magnify your impact in the world.


You will learn to:

Communicate in ways that foster nourishing relationships, with both yourself and with others.
Identify and shift old, limiting beliefs that are preventing you from your highest potential.
Develop emotional intelligence to help navigate your lifelong healing journey.
Deepen self-compassion and expand your capacity for loving presence with others.
Experience bigger desired results in less time and with less stress.
Course Registration Includes:

Five (5) week online course with dripped access for self-paced learning
Weekly live, virtual calls to foster community and a deeper integration of the learned material
Intentional small group setting for 1:1 opportunities
Private Facebook group support throughout course and beyond

So what are you waiting for?

Reserve your spot today!


**Best Offer** Early Bird Special (until July 15!!) – $399 **$150 savings**

Standard – $549 **$50 savings when paid in full**

Payment Plan – Two (2) payments of $299

The Embodied Path – Group coaching for women seeking to actively engage in their personal growth and healing journey Don't Miss this Event!

Date & Time July 29, 2020 - August 29, 2020

Cost $399 – 598

Venue Online

Event Organizer(s) Meraki Holistic Healing – Deanna Jimenez

The Embodied Path – Group coaching for women seeking to actively engage in their personal growth and healing journey

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