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Weekender IFS Challenge

IFS Challenge

​Our goal with this challenge is to help bring IFS to every day people, and to empower them to use IFS on their own with or without the help of a professional IFS practitioner.

What’s included in this Weekender Challenge?

★ 2 Days (7+ hours) of live interactive video calls led by Professionally Trained Experienced IFS Practitioners!
★ Interactive presentations to learn IFS from its foundations and how to adapt them to your own life circumstances
★ Custom-made IFS resources & tools shared with you after every session
★ Practice sessions to learn how to apply all the principles on your own
★ Sharing circles so you can meet and engage with other courageous souls in their self-healing journey

Weekender IFS Challenge Don't Miss this Event!

Date & Time June 19, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

Cost $99 – 185

Venue Online

Event Organizer(s) Sasha, Blanca & IFS Guide Team

Weekender IFS Challenge

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