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Yoga for Being With Your Body (just as it is!)


Please join me for this yoga and movement class that is dedicated to YOU! We are all at different levels of being able to be with ourselves and our bodies, and some days are better than others . This class will be focused on being present with your body and self just as you are. So many times we think, I would like my body/self if only…(fill in the blank). Instead of focusing on the goal, I want to focus on being with and accepting where you are right now. In this class, we will do some very simple yoga poses, breathing, and some short and simple visualizations.

Bring a journal! If we have time, we will do some expressive writing/drawing. You can also bring a yoga mat and any props you would like, including a chair. Nothing will be mandatory; everything in this class is a suggestion. No prior yoga classes or knowledge is necessary. Be prepared to play and have some fun. My intention for this class is to celebrate you…just as you are!

Yoga for Being With Your Body (just as it is!) Don't Miss this Event!

Date & Time April 26, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT

Cost $16.50

Venue Online

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Event Organizer(s) Utah Pride Center

Yoga for Being With Your Body (just as it is!)

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