Becoming Water: a support group for Black, Indigenous, and WOC (womxn/women/femmes) FALL Cycle

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This group is for California Residents ONLY.
Meeting Details
Start Date: September 11, 2022
End Date: October 23, 2022
Meets Every: Sunday
1:00pm- 3:30pm
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This group meets virtually
Virtual Platform
Communication Mode
Voice and Video

Last Modified: Aug 5, 2022


Becoming Water is a 7-week arts-based support group for Black, Indigenous, and POC women/womxn/femmes experiencing anxiety and depression. This group is facilitated by Camara Meri Rajabari, LMFT. The exact date TBD.

Water has long been associated with flow and emotions. Water can often mirror feelings of peace, calm or overwhelm, and chaos. Many earth-based communities relate to water as spiritual energy essential to our lives. They advocate for water, knowing without it, we are in danger. With our bodies consisting of approximately 60% water— we are “life.” The questions arise: “How do we advocate for our life?” “What waters within us are worthy of our protection?” “What memories are carried and preserved by our waters?” This group is an invitation to re-connect to the element and spirit of water and its ability to nourish us—to help us ground, find inner peace with our divine rhythms.

Becoming water is an arts-based, ancestral, collective support group for womxn/women/femmes who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. This group offers tools to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression through creative processes. We will build community by slowly re-imagining self-worth, care of the self, and transforming our sense of self as women/womxn/femmes navigating systems rooted in oppression. The group will tap into intuition, dreams, and synchronicities as valuable and powerful resources for personal growth and wellness.

No Arts Experience needed.

Is This For Me? Yes, if…

  • You often feel anxious.

  • Your anxiety is so overwhelming that you sometimes feel hopeless.

  • You are curious about your feelings and emotions.

  • You are open to art processes even if you are not an “artist.”

  • You are open to processing in community and have space to be present with the stories and experiences of others.

  • You are available to attend all group sessions–consistently and on time. *You will be charged regardless of attendance.

  • You are willing to help create, support, and follow the group’s community ground rules.

  • You are committed to the confidentiality of the group members and the group process.

What will we do?

  • You’re invited to engage in various body & breath processes to ground in your body in your unique way.

  • You’re invited to sing, hum, tone, and offer sound as a way of communicating.

  • You’re invited to use art materials wildly and boldly –to break rules of what is perceived as “art” and drop into expression.

  • You’re invited to exit the mind–what is rational and logical to embrace the mystery, the nonverbal, the seemingly imperfect parts of yourself as authentically necessary.

  • You’re invited to capture your dreams and share them with the group for further insights.

  • You’re invited to remain heart-centered while breathing fire (anger), laughing sunshine (belly laughs), or weeping water (sadness).

  • You’re invited to BE…being present, let go, release, invoke as needed.

Group Details

Group Ideal For
Wanting to work through the following issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Art Therapy
  • Expressive Arts
Virtual Platform
Ongoing Group
Number of Participants Allowed
Space in this group is limited, and we anticipate reaching capacity quickly.
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Number of Group Sessions
7 Sessions
Participants Asked to Attend
Becoming Water is a 7-week closed group that meets once a week. No new participants will be admitted after the second session.
Communication Mode
Voice and Video
Insurance Accepted
$630 ($90/week) plus additional costs for art supplies ($20-$45). All payments are processed via IVY PAY, a HIPAA compliant app-payment portal that requires a phone & card for set up. A non-refundable deposit of $90 upon confirmation of participation in the group and applied to the last two sessions of the group. Option one: pay the entire fee of $630 via IvyPay Option two: pay $90/weekly (you will be charged via IVYPay app 24 hours before the start of the group with the credit card on file). Option three: There are very limited partial scholarships available. Please email me for more information.
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