Loving You From A Distance

Artist rendering of person meditating

Welcome to Soul Centric Collective. It is the only place I’ll be welcoming anyone for the foreseeable future… And, with great fortune for us, I can do it! Still, we can connect and socialize.

Our goal at Soul Centric Collective has been to help people find one another so that they can grow together and heal together. We know that isolation and loneliness are extraordinary pain factors for people around the world. So, we set out to turn things around. #WeAreInThisTogether

Then, COVID-19.

What is that saying about people having plans and the higher forces not being along for the ride? Yeah. That one. While this virus is wreaking havoc on our world, the Soul Centric Collective team continues to hold visions of communities connecting both regionally and internationally. Thankfully, we have the technology available to make it happen.

Soul Centric Collective is a space for counselors, coaches and movement instructors to share their services with the world. This is a time when we all need to know, much more than before, that there is big life going on beyond our personal walls. And, while we must walk with our fingertips rather than our feet, Sou Centric Collective is a place for you, wellness practitioners, to showcase community and a place for those of you seeking connection to find community.

Again, welcome. Kick your shoes off and find your people. Here’s a chance for connection and powerful transformation from the comfort of your couch.

With oodles of love,

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