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LaTasha Smith
Therapy is successful when one feels heard, understood, and accepted. Regardless of circumstances, my priority is to help you feel comfortable enough to explore unfamiliar territory. My role is simply to […]
(203) 745-0229
Lynn Aguilar
I teach chronic dieters how to become “normal eaters”. Have you been dieting most of your life and you realize it’s just not working…but you’re thinking about trying yet another […]
William Devon-Sand
Congratulations! Clearly you are seeking a guide to help you move into your next phase of life. While I don’t (yet) know you, I am thrilled for you. You are […]
Christine Knight
I teach people how to reconnect back to their true Self so they can authentically create healthy relationships and financial abundance | MA Counseling | Solutions Focused Coach | Couples […]
Tessa Hernandez
Tessa is a bi-racial (Mexican-American), first-generation college student, mother. Her love for therapy began when she had a therapist help her through difficult family transitions. Her experience with the power […]
Sabrina Sierra
As a therapist, I see myself as a collaborator in an unfolding process of collective liberation. I take a holistic approach grounded in cultural humility and an understanding that our […]
Joy Linn
I am honored to be a support to those facing difficulties and challenges in life. I am a compassionate listener with a wide range of clinical skills and expertise. I […]
Maria Thompson
Maria is a first-generation Mexican-American woman who has worked in the mental health field and with the geriatric population for over 10 years. She has provided grief counseling, transitional support […]
Jeremy Prillwitz
Hello there! My name is Jeremy Prillwitz, and I’m a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LAADC). I have worked as a harm reduction-based counselor for the past ten years, […]
Darcy Dittrich
My Approach​ I endeavor to bring warmth, awareness, and connection to my sessions. I co-create a unique healing experience with clients, often using humor and creativity to encourage mindfulness, self-compassion, […]

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