Karla Papula


Karla Papula

AMFT 111495

(845) 288-2592

Physical Location
516 Oakland Ave, Suite 201
Oakland CA 94611
United States of America


Becoming fully alive is a nonlinear process that deserves to be supported and seen by someone who really gets you. Therapy with me is relational, humanistic, empathic, body-oriented, mindful and experiential.

I am a soultender. I pay attention to that which is most meaningful to you and support you in surrendering what no longer serves you. I am interested in helping you cultivate your deepest calling and purpose.

I am a fierce protector of authenticity, truth and value maintaining sacred relationships. I believe that the wounding that happens in relationship can be healed in relationship. Strengthening your mind-body connection can give you access to deeper wisdom, intuition and truth. Having access to a strong internal observer can guide you toward cultivating the life that is most in alignment with your passions, needs and dreams. Trauma experiences and stress symptoms can complicate our sense of who we are and can inhibit our ability to access this embodied wisdom. Our sense of who we are and how we embody that is also impacted by the intersection of myriad factors related to: culture, sexuality, real lived experience-history, race, gender, ability, education, language, class, the politics of appearance, religion, etc. Your position in the scheme of it all will be explored, held and celebrated in the therapeutic process.

I am a belonging activist. I believe that our sense of belonging, in our bodies, to our communities, in our culture, professions and families of origin, impacts us socially, cognitively, behaviorally, emotionally, somatically, spirituality and existentially. We can rediscover what “home” means to you, together.

I am a Shepard of the unknown. I will walk with you into the scary questions that you have yet to find the answers to. I believe that curiosity, clarity and compassion will guide you to where the answers already exist within you.

I am trained in both holistic and traditional therapeutic modalities. Some of my favorite to draw from are: body-centered psychotherapy, buddhist psychology, client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, depth therapy/analytical psychology, dialectical behavioral therapy, emotionally-focused therapy, (the historical harms of) evolutionary psychology, existential therapy, expressive arts therapy, gender-expansive therapy, gestalt therapy, hakomi method, internal family systems therapy, liberation psychology, narrative therapy, multigenerational trauma, non-violent communication, object relations theory, polyvagal theory, psychodynamic therapy, socially just therapy, solution-focused therapy and systems theory. This breadth and depth of theory and practice speaks to my identity as an adaptable and collaborative clinician. Your therapy will be unique and curated to meet your specific needs and positionality.

Practitioner Education & Credentials

Year Degree Earned or Expected: 2000
License Info: CA AMFT 111495
Supervisor Info: Virginia Julie-Frost, 95729 95729 CA

My Groups

  • Accountability for Racial Justice

    A group for white people invested in changing the racism inherent in them, U.S culture, and its institutions, policies and practices. Do you want to […]

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  • Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Distance/Video Treatment
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  • Individual
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Hakomi Method
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Abuse Survivor
  • Artist's Concerns
  • LGBTQIA+ Concerns
  • Sexual Dysfunctions
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